Meekskin 4K

ColorOriginal ShadowbaneSteam Shadowbane
The Original (Purple)DownloadDownload
Azul Oscuro (Dark Blue)DownloadDownload
Blawd! (Red)DownloadDownload
Verde (Green)DownloadDownload
Not Blue, Not Green (Teal)DownloadDownload
Brownie (Brown)DownloadDownload
Dark Grease (Gray)DownloadDownload
Wild Watermelon (Pink)DownloadDownload
Diamond (Clear)Out of stockOut of stock

Meekskin is a Shadowbane interface skin. It modifies the chat, status bars, group windows, track window, etc., for a simpler and less obstructive gaming experience. You can also create your own status/selection window by arranging your health/stam/mana/xp bars, nation/guild crest, target name/rank/hp.

8/13/2022 – 0.95.5 – New Update

  • Fixed crash when accessing ‘Preferences’ window in non-steam versions.
  • Leader font color is now a different color.
  • Removed MOBA profile images to reduce size of file. A separate download for those images are available here. Instructions on how to add them are inside the zip file or download full version instead: Azul Oscuro (Blue), The Original (Purple)

7/03/2021 – 0.95.4 – Fixed Asset Managing Window: Yellow forging status bar now shows progress.
3/19/2021 – 0.95.3 – Fixed: Powers with text did not show cooldown when dragged out to screen.
2/25/2021 – 0.95.2 – Minor update: fixed ‘Preferences’ window crash.
2/20/2021 – 0.95.1 – Update

  • New Color: Azul Oscuro
    Skin was updated to have a darker blue tint.
  • Mall option added to menu
  • New MOBA HUD created
    Main HUD
    Shows player health, stamina, and mana. Integrated the hotbar and common shortcuts. Text: reads your inventory gold, frames per second, and ping.
    Profile HUD
    Top: shows player name, level, and class.
    Bottom: shows defense, weapon attack rating and damage.
    Center: player pictures that you can choose to import. Default pics are included.
    Picture size is 230 x 170 in game. For a better view double the size of the .tga image to 460 x 340, it comes out cleaner and sharper. Each set has 3 pics: default (pic#a), mouse over (pic#b), and clicked (pic#c). TGA files can have transparent layers/backgrounds. Photoshop wisely, young memer.
    Actions HUD
    Stances (must select your base class type or else they don’t function), traveling stance, and other common actions.
    Targeting HUD
    Shortcut to targeting keys, can ‘ctrl+left mouse click’ to bind each key.
    Mini Map HUD
    For to have
  • Social Dashboard window has all the social emotes in one window with bigger buttons and text (button is draggable).
  • SWAHbar was updated to include a background theme for each class.
  • Minimal Selection window added for a slicker look.

4/4/2020 – 0.91 beta – First test release

What’s in the 0.91 beta?
It’s the original Meekskin but larger for higher resolution gameplay.

  • Modified the default color (looking for feedback or new color suggestions).
  • New Arcade 2.0 status bar.
  • New SWAHbar (Selection Window and Hotbar) window. This bar is more newbie friendly.
  • Restored the original Selection style windows and renamed the default ‘Selection’ window in Meekskin to iSelection.
  • Added ‘Chat Window Max’ to maximize usage of window. Only one special type chat window of each option can be use. Multiple instances of the original ‘Chat Window’ can be opened.
  • The Inventory shortcut in the Quick Bar Vertical window now opens the correct window (oops).
  • Switched the ‘eQuip Inventory’ window to horizontal display from vertical.
  • Group window: changed the buttons to icons and moved them to the bottom. They disappear when transparency is increased.

How do I install?
Before launching Shadowbane:

  1. Download, do not extract, to the ‘Skin’ folder in your Shadowbane directory.
  2. Launch Sb
  3. While in-game press escape to bring up the main menu. Click ‘Settings > Interface Skin > “Meekskin_4K”
    Once loaded you can hit escape and go to Meekskin for some added functions.

Can I really play Shadowbane in 4K (3840 x 2160)?
Yes, I recommend playing in windowed mode (non-fullscreen). The mouse will offset vertically but you can fix this by removing the window title bar (top bar). There are programs that remove the title bar from the game window. I use the Borderless Gaming app, which can be purchased on Steam or downloaded for free from sourceforge or github.

My mouse is invisible when I load Shadowbane, how do I fix this?
I don’t think it’s related to playing in higher resolutions, but it has happened to me when I had an app that reduces blue light from my monitor. The app f.lux disables my mouse pointer in Shadowbane, so check any program that might also cause your mouse pointer to disappear and disable it or exit the program completely while you play.

What if I find a mistake or an error?
If you find a mistake/bug please email me ‘meek [at]’ As long as I am still active with this project I will address the issue.

Please note: the Pet window makes Shadowbane crash whenever you push the pet commands without an active pet. It’s a known bug in Shadowbane and not the skin itself. You must have an active pet or else it will sb.exe.