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This skin was created after seeing the necessity of a more customizable interface. It was inspired by the Minimal Skin and was used as the original base for this skin.



1.3 - 8/29/08 - Latest Release!

  • Added EDL
    - Elite drop locations are listed for Malog/Thurin and Saedron
  • 'Click Through' option for HP/Stam/Mana bars
    - Really fixed it this time!
    - Added an invisible option button on the bars located on the top left corner (useful when the bars are set to click through)
  • Updated the Meekmenu
    - Replaced old shortcuts with new useful ones in the Misc tab
    - Added a closing button (for those who don't know about ctrl+left_click)
  • Small group window update
    - Added tabs: Main, Form, Icons, and Blank
  • Assets Management window is now included
  • Item/Buy/Training window is now resizable [1]
  • Corrected a few entries in the MDL
  • Reverted to the original graphic of the HP/Mana/Stam/XP bars
  • Created a right adjusted text chat window
  • Created an input-less text chat window
  • Added 6 new colors
    - Choose from Blue, Brown, Gold, Green, Orange, and Teal.
  • 640x480 Custom Layout
    - Created a layout for this resolution. 640 x 480 can be set by running SbConfig.exe and setting display resolution at custom. This might be useful for those running numerous clients/bots in windowed mode. Note: not all windows will show up properly.


  • Made it Higher Resolution friendly
    - Context text increased
    - Effects Icon size increased
    - Chat text input increased
    - Scroll/Closing/Resize buttons were revisited and adjusted
  • Fixed 'Click Through' option for HP/Stam/Mana bars
  • Updated old Quivent. to Qinvent. on the Meek Menu
  • Added missing Disciplines to Macrozone locator


  • MDL -- My Discipline Locator [1] [2]-- A list of discpline droppers and trainers has been included in this release.
  • Macrozone Locator -- A map that finds the location of a macrozone by icon, it also shows which disciplines drop in that zone.
  • A Runegate Navigator included.
  • Included the Charter Wizard window (create guild/crest) to comply with Meekskin.
  • A few minor fixes that the default skin were faulty in. You may or may not notice them.
  • Other minor interface graphic/text fixes

1.01 Original Release --

  • New Group Window w/ bigger life bar and shortcut buttons. [1] [2]
  • Meek Menu with tab to toggle between common actions/commands.
  • Resist info made to only show symbols.
  • Selection window includes toon's HP, Mana, Stam, and XP bar; along with enemy's HP (biggest bar).
  • Resizable mini map.
  • Recently Killed By and Most Recent Kills window. It does not refresh in real-time, you need to open and close window via the Meek Menu to refresh.
  • Qinventory Window, a combination of your equipment and inventory to quickly allow switching/honing/enchanting weapons/armors/jewelry.
  • Custom Selection Window allows you to make up your own Selection Window(s), with most of it being resizable and draggable, including resizable Health / Stam / Mana bars.
  • Fixed the 'target' commands in the original Target menu. Also added Next, Previous allies target.
  • Improved the chat window by allowing more space for text.
  • The Track window no longer has the "track" button, to track a player just click on their name.
  • An 'Arcade' selection window was added.
  • A list of your Powers with small icons and text added.
  • Custom Pet, Fly, and Quickbar window
  • and much more...

default layout

custom layout

sample layout


Download ver. 1.3

Color Link
Original (Purple) Download
Blue Download
Brown Download
Gold Download
Green Download
Orange Download
Teal Download
Pink Download
Clear Download



1. Download to your Shadowbane 'Skins' folder. DO NOT extract the zip file!

2. Load Shadowbane. If you saved it while playing SB then you must quit all instances of SB before it will show up in the settings.

3. While in-game, hit escape for the main menu, click Settings => Interface Skin => Meekskin.

4. Done. Play. Enjoy. You're Welcome.





Feel free to leave any feedback (positive or negative), report any bugs/problems, or just say hello! You can email me at meek(at)