Battlefield 1942
 BF1942-V1.612 Retail patched
 Forgotten Hope 0.7  FH_0.7_Setup.exe
 Forgotten Hope Fan Map pack 6  FH_Fan_Mappack_6.exe
 Forgotten Hope: Secret Weapon Part 1  FHSW_v0.6_Setup_Part_1.exe
 Forgotten Hope: Secret Weapon Part 2  FHSW_v0.6_Setup_Part_2.exe
 Forgotten Hope: Secret Weapon Map pack 1  FHSW Mappack 1.exe

Installation to play instructions - Do it in 10 steps

  1. Extract Battlefield to any folder. This will create a folder called Battlefield 1942 Mods
  2. Run bf1942-setup.exe and install it in the directory of your choice. This will also install Punkbuster.
  3. Extract the zip file '' to another folder.
  4. 'Copy and Replace' the contents of the 'bf1942-v1.612-retail-patched' folder into the directory where you installed battlefield. Files included: BF1942.exe & folder Mods.
  5. Run and install FH_0.7_Setup.exe
  6. Run and install FH_Fan_Mappack_6.exe
  7. Run and install FHSW_v0.6_Setup_Part_1.exe
  8. Run and install FHSW_v0.6_Setup_Part_2.exe
    Note: There is a Windows 7 and widescreen fix included in this installer, make sure you run FHSW with admin rights and without any compatibility mode on.
  9. Run and install FHSW Mappack1.exe
  10. Start game by running the shortcut 'Forgotten Hope Secret Weapon 0.6' from your desktop. Game can only be played in multiplayer -- ENJOY!